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Pronouns: She/her


Anilee List, American Idol Season 19 contestant, is an accomplished female singer from Los Angeles, California. Anilee's soulful style touches her audience, her emotional range transcends generations.

Anilee was drawn to performance and creation at a young age. When she was just four years old, she started performing on stage at the Santa Monica Playhouse. She has been in vocal performance training since that time, taking her all the way to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where she studied Vocal Performance. In Boston, she was cast as a principle role in the Oscar-nominated film "CODA". 


Anilee's career has taken her to iconic music venues across the United States, performing on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, Dolby Theatre, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Monterey Jazz festival, and New World Center in Miami.

She counts artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and LA-based neo-soul group Moonchild as significant influences. Anilee is proud to be an alum of Pitch Slapped, based at Berklee College of Music.

At ten years old Anilee was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS). Since then she has been an active participant in the Tourette Association of America, having the honor of performing at numerous Tourette Association events including Disneyland and the TAA National Conferences in Washington D.C.

Anilee was a TAA Youth Ambassador, and has been spreading awareness and advocating for people with TS and other disabilities.



Anilee on TS:

In the early days of this disorder, my confidence waned. At times, I didn’t want to be around people so I wouldn’t have to explain my tics. Then I saw the story of American Idol contestant James Durbin who also has Tourette Syndrome. I was so inspired that I wrote him a letter sharing my experience. He gave me hope that having TS didn’t mean I had to forfeit my dreams of singing. I eventually got to meet him when we both performed at the same fundraiser. Through performing for the TAA, I gained more confidence than ever.

"I am forever committed to my involvement with the TS community and to advocating for everyone with TS by being forthcoming about my disorder. I want people to know that disabilities, no matter what they might be, don’t have to stop us from pursuing our passions, being who we are, and doing what we love."

-Anilee List

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